Lancaster Languages

Lancaster Languages is a small language school with an outstanding international reputation. Our customised language training is designed to deliver rapid results in terms of increased fluency, confidence and communicative competence. Taking a client- and business-centred approach, we provide language programmes for professionals that are flexible, task-specific and time-effective.


Intensive English Courses for international colleagues, suppliers or clients - up to 37 hours per week.

Weekly English language training for non-English-speaking employees - one to four hours per week.

Courses in other languages for local companies with international trade links - one to four hours per week.

One-to-one or group lessons from beginners to advanced level.

General language training - spoken and written skills; or higher level - presentation skills, business language and cross-cultural communication.

Expert help with long-standing pronunciation difficulties.

Tailor-made, work-related content for maximum benefit and relevance


  • Well House Farm
  • Wyresdale Road
  • Lancaster
  • Lancashire
  • LA1 3JJ