Chamber Chat – Great Expotations with Sandra Cottam-Shea

August 17, 2017 - 9:00am

Chamber Chat – Great Expotations with Sandra Cottam-Shea

I’ve just watched a video on TEDx (creative platform found on the intenet) where a renowned psychologist explained how our brains are wired to take a negative stance unless we consciously retrain them. I nodded in agreement whilst viewing this and promised myself that I would try to follow her advice and speak and think with a positive slant.

So far, this morning I have failed miserably in the business problems, (sorry challenges and learning curves), that I have faced this Saturday morning. Look ahead and look forward to positive things she said, get excited about the future instead of worrying.

Well Christmas is a few months off but one event that is nearly upon us is the North Lancs Expo organised by the Chamber team. This takes place on the 24th/25th of September at Lancaster Brewery.

I am not being facetious when I say I am genuinely looking forward to these two days. A chance for businesses to get together and advertise our products and services, almost one hundred of us.

Sunday the 24th is open day for families and promises to be great fun. Goody collecting for the youngsters and entertainment. 44 tonne tractor units to climb in and appreciate how these drivers do a wonderful job in servicing this country’s needs. Not forgetting sweets, food, locally produced ale and prizes!

On the Monday, it will be B2B and an opportunity for businesses to share and communicate with each other. This is what the Chamber of Commerce is all about and good at. So, if you are a business owner have a look at the event and maybe consider becoming a member? If not and you would just like a great day out then pop over on the Sunday and see what great businesses are established in this corner of the British Isles.