Honorary membership of Lancaster Chamber

August 18, 2017 - 9:00am

Honorary membership of Lancaster Chamber

For over 10 years i2i Infinity have been a key supplier to the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, by providing the online service e-z Cert for the production of certified export document. Certified export documents are a key service offered by the chamber to support international trade across the region, and i2i’s e-z Cert system greatly streamlines the process for both exporters and chamber staff.

In recognition of the long-standing and successful partnership between i2i Infinity and the chamber, i2i have been granted honorary membership of the chamber. The offer of honorary membership was made to i2i at a recent e-z Cert workshop, where chamber members were trained on how to correctly apply for certified export documents. Speaking on behalf of i2i, Ian James, Implementation Manager commented “We are delighted to be given honorary membership of the chamber. It reaffirms our longstanding and strong relationship. We look forward to continuing to support the chamber, and its customers by providing applications and tools compliant for international trade, especially in changing times as we approach Brexit.”

In addition to the e-z Cert system for Certificates of Origin, EUR1’s and A.TR’s, i2i Infinity also provide a range of other solutions for the production of compliant export documentation. This includes the export invoice, suitable for overseas trade and in support of e-z Cert applications, Packing List, Dangerous Goods Notes and many more. In streamlining the process for export departments the data on these forms can be populated from any ERP/order processing system or by using customer and product templates. The same data can then be re-used to declare an NES export entry to customs (HMRC).

i2i’s latest development is a website that allows businesses to assess the financial impact of Brexit on their imported raw materials and components and exported finished goods. The Brexit Toolkit uses WTO tariff rates, one of the potential scenarios for trade after Brexit, based on individual HS/tariff/commodity codes. The Brexit Toolkit is a free to use manual entry service for manual, but in recognition of i2i’s strong links with Chambers of Commerce, Lancaster Chamber members can gain privileged access to upload codes by spreadsheet and store their data to re-run the assessment at a later date, when trade negotiations may have adjusted the tariff rates.

If your export department could benefit from a process review, or if you would like access to the Brexit Toolkit to further consider the impact of Brexit, please do not hesitate to contact us or i2i Infinity.