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Bay Leadership Academy puts out Call For Support with essential upgrades

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Proposal for Business Sponsorship: Enhancing Balmoral Theatre at Bay Leadership Academy

Bay Leadership Academy aims to elevate the educational and cultural experience of its students and community members through the renovation of their Balmoral Theatre. We are seeking sponsorship from local organisations to support the upgrade of lighting, sound, and refurbishment of the control room. This investment will significantly enhance the quality of productions, events, and learning opportunities offered at the school, benefitting both current and future generations of students and community members.


Bay Leadership Academy is committed to providing a holistic education that encompasses academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. Central to this mission is the Balmoral Theatre, a cornerstone of our institution where students showcase their talents, cultural events are celebrated, and community gatherings take place. However, the current state of the theatre’s infrastructure, particularly the lighting, sound systems, and control room, is in need of modernization to meet the evolving needs of our school community.

The Need for Upgrade:

The existing lighting and sound systems in Balmoral Theatre are outdated, hindering the quality of productions and limiting the scope of educational opportunities for students. In addition, the control room requires refurbishment to ensure it can effectively support the technical aspects of performances and events. These upgrades are essential to unlock the full potential of the theatre as a dynamic hub for creativity, learning, and community engagement. The upgrades will also help to reduce the school’s carbon footprint an LED lighting reduces electricity consumption significantly.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

By sponsoring the upgrade of Balmoral Theatre, organisations will play a pivotal role in enriching the educational experience of our students and enhancing the cultural vibrancy of our community. Specifically, your sponsorship will:

Empower Student Creativity: Enhanced lighting and sound capabilities will provide students with the tools they need to explore their creative talents and produce high-quality performances across various disciplines, including drama, music, and dance.

Expand Learning Opportunities: A modernised control room will serve as a valuable educational resource, allowing students to gain hands-on experience with professional-grade technology and learn essential technical skills that are relevant to careers in the performing arts and related industries.

Enrich Community Engagement: Balmoral Theatre serves as a focal point for community events, including concerts, plays, and presentations. By improving its infrastructure, we will be better equipped to host a diverse range of cultural activities that foster community cohesion and celebrate our shared heritage.

Enhance Reputation and Visibility: As a sponsor, your organisation will receive prominent recognition through signage, program acknowledgments, and social media promotion, showcasing your commitment to supporting education, culture, and community development.

If you want to know how you can support fellow chamber members and local school Bay Leadership Academy, then please email school governor Annabel Lumsden at