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Chamber Chat with Andy Mort

GVS Filter Technology.

You may have recently driven along Caton road and noticed the high white boarding that has been erected next to the Holiday Inn. The signs currently on the outside give a clue but don’t tell the whole story. They read: “Architects: Cassidy and Ashton, Builder: Conlon Construction”. But what is going on?

Those who regularly pass the area will know that trees have been thinned back and the outside cladding on the warehouse, previously used for paper storage, has been removed. It’s clear that significant quantities of earth are being moved, with heavy equipment evident on site. There have been rumours of a new supermarket on the outskirts of Lancaster for a number of years; is this it now coming to fruition?

Well, I’m excited to tell you, this is the new factory for GVS Filter Technology UK Limited. GVS is a multi-million pound international business currently based in Morecambe. To ensure an ongoing successful future, the company is moving its 200 employees to this new purpose-built factory and offices. The main factory unit will comprise a clean-room of almost 1,000 m2 in area, an injection moulding area of similar size, 3,000 m2 of warehouse/general space, along with stores and maintenance workshops. The building will also house the group’s air filtration research and development facilities. In addition, a new office will be built to house administrative staff.

In keeping with the Italian parent company’s image, the building will project a distinctive and sophisticated view from the main route into and out of Lancaster. As would be expected from any modern and responsible company, the building will be highly sustainable with heat generated by production processes being used to warm the offices as well as solar panels being installed to take full advantage of the large roof area. The project will complete in early 2025.