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Chamber Chat with David Hammond

Are you ready for the digital switchover?

The UK is undergoing a significant digital transformation in its telephony systems, moving from analogue to digital forms of communication by the end of 2025. This switch is already impacting the Assistive Technology sector, prompting innovation and improvements in healthcare services.

Chiptech, as an assistive technology provider, recognizes the pivotal role it plays in adapting to modern communication standards. The digital shift brings advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and virtual reality, security, and data utilization, contributing to enhanced healthcare quality, efficiency, and personal outcomes.

Outside of innovation and looking to the immediate and the near future, local businesses should be aware of the impending digital switchover and how it may affect their services. A recent report reveals that nearly a third of businesses are unaware of the switch-off, and 74% lack a migration plan. With the retirement of PSTN (Standard telephone lines) networks by 2025, businesses relying on phone lines for systems like Fire Alarms, Security, lifts, and card Payment Systems need to ensure compatibility with digital phone lines or mobile data.

For businesses using or purchasing communication-dependent devices, compatibility checks with providers are crucial. Hybrid converter solutions exist, but upgrading to digital with dual-path redundancy is advisable for critical systems. This involves communication through both the mobile network and the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The analogue to digital shift in the UK presents opportunities for innovation across industries and personal lives. As Teams, Zoom, and quality internet services become integral to business processes and entertainment, businesses must prepare for the digital future. Checking the compatibility of systems, devising migration plans, and embracing digital solutions are essential steps to ensure a smooth transition during this era of technological advancement.

David Hammond, Chief Executive Officer at Chiptech. Chiptech are Chamber Ambassadors