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Chamber Chat with Ian Glaves

Heysham power stations show charitable spirit

As EDF approaches the end of its current corporate charity partnership I thought it was worth taking some time to recognise the fantastic fundraising efforts made at both Heysham stations to support Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK).

Prostate cancer kills one man every 45 minutes in the UK, so most of us will be affected by it in some way, either personally or through the experience of someone close to us. Our four-year partnership with PCUK aimed to raise £400,000 and I am delighted that we have smashed that total.

Across EDF’s nuclear, customer, renewables and corporate sites in the UK, we have raised an incredible £580,000; a sum of money which will surely make a difference to the work of this vital charity.

At the Heysham sites, we raised a fantastic £25,000 through numerous cake sales, raffles, gate collections and other on-site efforts. We have also seen people take on activities that have challenged them and stretched their abilities. Most recently, this included four intrepid hikers from Heysham 2 who took on an arduous six-day trek along the Pyrenees Freedom Trail.

As well as raising funds, the partnership has also been an important way of raising awareness of the disease amongst our people. Through staff sharing their personal stories more men have had lifesaving conversations and the number of people from EDF accessing the 30-second risk checker has increased.

Of course, this is all in addition to the sponsorships and donations our sites make each year to local charities and organisations.

Voting has just closed on the selection for our new charity partner and once announced, I am sure teams across the Heysham sites will throw themselves into fundraising for the new charity as they did for PCUK.

Ian Glaves is Acting Station Director, Heysham 2 power station. EDF are Chamber Ambassadors.