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Chamber Chat with Ian Parker

As we move towards 2035 and the ban on the sale of CO2-emitting new cars it reminds me that one of the many challenges we faced when building our Porsche Centre, was the availability of enough power to run the high-speed electric vehicle chargers we have on-site.

We are covering the roof of our new building with solar panels which will produce a significant percentage of the power that we use, and I believe our country is doing well when it comes to the percentage of clean energy we produce.

The nationwide infrastructure of wind farms both onshore and offshore is very productive, however, I cannot be the only person who notices the number of these turbines that are not turning for various reasons and solar panels are typically only very productive in the right conditions.

It would be wonderful if we could design a system that would harness the power of the waves in Morecambe Bay and similar coastal areas. The forces of the tides are there to be harnessed every day, whether the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing. If possible, this would involve massive capital expenditure, but would be money well spent for our long-term future.

I also believe we should continue with nuclear power, whether this is with smaller reactors that are being developed by Rolls Royce or more traditional larger sites. This is clearly a very emotive subject, but what we cannot do is stand still and not have enough power for the country as a whole as we transition to many more electric vehicles.

My Grandfather installed the second petrol pump in Westmorland in the early 1920s at our Kendal premises and we have installed some of the first 320KW chargers in the area at our new premises 100 years later. I wonder what systems will be powering our transportation in another 100 years.

Ian Parker is the Managing Director at Porsche Centre South Lakes. Porsche Centre is an Ambassador Member.