Keeping our doors open for the next generation

Returning from the recent chamber breakfast meeting, Helen from our team came away feeling re-energised and committed to supporting young people in the workplace in 2024 and beyond. Over the years we’ve spoken at school assemblies, delivered workshops and prior to 2020, we offered work experience.

With our client base including contractors, freelancers and small businesses, we’re keen to show students what it’s like to work within our business, but also give them an insight into the other ways of working and being paid.

With many of the local high schools planning to resume work experience for their students this academic year, their ask to us as employers is to open our doors and offer a meaningful experience.

The question is how do we do this? For those of you who had work experience, what do you remember from your experience? As a team, we’re starting to reflect on what we’ve done in the past and what we might do differently this time.

We’re also speaking to career advisors like Lou Mosey from Our Lady’s Catholic College to share knowledge and ideas and get input from the young people themselves. This year they want to encourage their students to source their own work experience. We know there will be parents out there willing to help their child, asking their employer, or a ‘friend of a friend’ but how do we tell those who may not have that network, that we’re happy for them to get in contact with us? How do we help them start to build their own network?

I appreciate that there are a lot of questions within this chat, call it thinking out loud, but if you’re an employer who can support local students with their search for work experience then I’d encourage you to let the Chamber know. If work experience wouldn’t work for your business, then Lancashire Careers Hub can let you know the other ways you can get involved. Tina Milner is the Enterprise Coordinator for Lancaster and Morecambe and her email address is We’ve invited Tina to the next Chamber Breakfast on Tuesday 19th December if you’d like to meet her in person.

John Lyon is the Managing Director at ICS Accounting, who are Chamber Ambassadors.