GDPR Implementation Workshop

From July 04, 2018 09:00 until July 04, 2018 12:00

This workshop has now been running in various parts of the UK since the start of the year, so it is tried, tested and very practical.

Why is it Different?

You may have been on a GDPR Awareness seminar or workshop already and possibly come away more confused. Business Doctor workshops are totally different!

They use visuals to explain GDPR in a simple way.

They take you through the practical steps you need to follow to put your implementation plan in place for your business.

You will come away knowing what you need to do to prepare your bespoke plan.

There is lots of information but in simple language, not legal speak.

You will know what to do next and just as importantly, what not to do.

Spending 3 hours on this workshop will save you days of your own research, so is a great return on investment.

The workshop will take delegates through a structured workbook that builds into a plan for what business owners need to do in their business.

It is an interactive session considering the practical application of the regulations in your business.


Workshop Agenda
The event will be a 3 hour session built around:

1) An Interactive presentation.

2) Workbooks - individual personal copy to build a plan for your Business.

3) Journal record booklet - record the actions being taken within your Business.

4) Certificate of attendance.



We are delighted to be bringing you this workshop in partnership with Steven Howard, Business Doctors - Lakes & Dales