Sales strategy to maximize lead generation & Building the right sales mindset to dominate instead of competing

From July 17, 2018 17:00 until July 17, 2018 19:00

This FREE workshop will cover sales attitude, positioning yourself as an expert, what attributes everybody buys and the selling of old versus selling today with some golden tips on lifting your sales attitude to close more deals.

Then after a brief break you will come back with Developing Your Sales Strategy...what is it and why it’s important, how can you get in front of MORE of the RIGHT kind of people and how can you efficiently plan your week/month so your activity yields the productivity you need to grow your business. 

This workshop is being delivered by Nigel Brookes from members MJB Consulting.


I am one of the top consultants at MJB representing the brand in Manchester and the North West. I've spent the best part of 10 years in sales positions: As a Sales Manager for Dixons Carphone and an Account Manager for a World Leading Medical Devices Company learning how to 'SELL' in both fast-paced and long-term sales situations; the common denominator for success is always the sales person. Its one thing to be successful. but quite another to make a success of someone else by passing on the skills they need to change their future. This is why I started out coaching other people to Sell their passions, products and services to their customers. We develop the right mindset, create a strong strategy to attract leads with a tight process to always get a decision stacked in favour of a 'YES!' by using a sculpted pitch to communicate the mountain of value you and we all have inside.    

At MJB our motto is "When Sales Matter...We deliver" and for the past 5 years we have taken members of the MJB family from all corners of the UK to the stratospheric results of doubled or tripled sales in 6 months and now even offer a money-back guarantee because our product works. Our case study library includes bespoke window fitting companies that went from £50K turnover per annum to £50K per month in 8 months and accountants that saw a 1400% growth in the same time-frame. What could your company do with those kind of results?

By looking at where you are now and what obstacles stand in your path to whatever you personally define as 'success' you can see the implications of not growing your business. This is why you NEED to increase your revenue. I can't sell your product for you, I don't have the passion that you do for it, YOU are the best person to sell YOUR product. What I guarantee, is that the fastest, most sustainable and tangible way to grow your business is to increase your sales. Increase them by developing your mindset, strategy, process and pitch. Where could your company be in 12 months, and where do you want it to be?