Tap Talk No 2 – Your Business. Your Journey. Your Story.

From September 24, 2018 13:00 until September 24, 2018 13:30

Tap Talk No 2 – Your Business. Your Journey. Your Story – Hosted by David ‘DT’ Guest from Workshop Media Every person and business has a story to tell.

When that story is told clearly it fulfils potential. Stories speak to us emotionally, they connect with us on a deep level and inspire us to take action. All stories have common ideas to them that can be recognised.
David ‘DT’ Guest from Workshop Media will be your guide to simple story principles that can help shape business strategy, motivate people and share compelling messages in words, sounds and pictures.

Workshop Media is a video marketing company on a mission to help businesses understand their story and share their messages. Through straightforward ideas, real world tools and a service designed around the practical needs of business we remove the blocks that get in the way of business storytelling. This results in simple, powerful video strategies that are focused on the business, it’s goals and its customers.