Supercharge Your Sales Masterclass

From July 10, 2019 10:00 until July 10, 2019 12:00

Businesses only need to consistently do 2 things, and do them well in order to function in an increasingly suffocating and unpredictable economy:

  1. Provide a product or service that adds value to their customers lives.
  2. Sell that Product or service to your customers.

The most successful businesses historically in times of economic hardships and recessions step into spaces vacated by the competition to dominate their market.

Are you able to sell your product but are open to the concept that you could always generate more sales?

Do you believe that if you could talk to MORE prospects you would have MORE opportunities to close MORE deals?

SME Skills is working with Lancaster and District Chamber of Commerce to help businesses of all sizes and backgrounds learn the skills they need to double their turnover in 6 months in a series of short masterclasses. The first 2 hour masterclass focuses on Lead generation and how having a dynamic Sales Strategy is key to helping you close more deals to Maximise your Profits and Dominate the Market:

We will detail:

  • The four key pillars of Sales you need to develop to induce growth in your business
  • What is a Sales Strategy, and why does it differ from a Marketing Strategy?
  • Having the plan you need to actively generate leads in your own industry
  • Build the confidence to apply that plan to your own business.
  • Identify how applying a revenue goal can help you calculate how to apply your efforts
  • Understand the necessity to work ‘smart’ not hard.
  • Appreciate that you aren’t doing anything wrong, but by developing what you are doing in ways you may not have considered can have an exponential impact.


The Trainer: Nigel Brookes, SME Skills,