Leadership Embodiment – one day training course

From November 15, 2019 09:00 until November 15, 2019 17:00

Delivered by Paul King, we will work with such themes as centering under pressure, finding balance, effective leadership and followership, focusing energy, aligning body, heart and mind to your outcomes, and attuning to oneself and others.

Through various non-strenuous activities and practices you will learn about your habitual patterns of behaving and thinking, and develop alternatives, including ways to respond to the incoming pressures of life from a place of ‘centre’ rather than from your judgments and fears.  The workshops will draw upon martial arts, mindfulness practice, energy work, Feldenkrais, NLP and probably a little philosophy and physiology.

Leadership Embodiment

The day will incorporate Leadership Embodiment Level 1 practices.

We will engage in conversation and simple ‘physical-mental’ exercises to explore and develop your somatic intelligence:

  • Developing a personal ‘centering’ practice
  • The wisdom of your intuition – recognising signals
  • Your patterns when under stress
  • Resilience and stability under pressure
  • Alignment and focus
  • Boundaries not barriers
  • How you tend to organise yourself when in the role of leader or follower
  • Your capacity to tolerate paradox and uncertainty
  • Patterns and tendencies in how you bring your desires and intentions into the world
  • Listening to the underlying message of others and holding the space for differences

“Paul is a master of somatics. Having studied the field for 25 years myself it’s not easy to find experts who can genuinely show me something new, but Paul is one of them.  The weekend was insightful, quietly rigorous and we also had a lot of fun and laughter too!”

Liz Rivers, Leadership Coach

“Paul is an excellent facilitator and not only shared the content of the somatics workshop but worked with each individual to coach them through their own learning. I would highly recommend this work to anyone in the coaching or leadership field.”

Nancy Hughes, MCC, Vincere Coaching Pte Ltd

Paul started his career with Deloittes and then PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In 1987 he set up his own coaching and consultancy business and in 2003 founded The Beyond Partnership with Marie Faire.

Paul brings together business experience and 25 years exploring human potential. He works as a business mentor, coach and consultant and is Managing Director of Beyond. His focus is on supporting the realisation of the innate potential of people, working individually and together. He is passionate about what is possible and helping people move beyond.

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