Tap Talk No 2 at the North Lancs Expo with DT Guest

From September 20, 2019 13:00 until September 20, 2019 13:30

Going Mobile: Stop Worrying & Love Your Face on Video

Overcome the blocks stopping you from making videos with your phone! Technology, time and confidence are the three common barriers of using your smartphone to create video.

David ‘DT’ Guest from Workshop Media will be your guide to getting started using your smartphone to make videos for your business. In 20 minutes, he will be tackling the tech, the time and the tenacity you need to make it happen!

Workshop Media is a video marketing team on a mission to empower your Lancashire business to use video to get more customers. Through straightforward ideas, real world tools and a service designed around the practical needs of your business, they remove the blocks that get in the way of business video storytelling. This results in simple, powerful video strategies that are focused on your business, your goals and your customers.

All of the Tap Talks will be held within Lancaster Brewery at the North Lancs Expo. The duration of a Tap Talk is 20 minutes plus Q&A. For your convenience booking isn’t necessary and they are free to attend.


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