Tap Talk No 3 at the North Lancs Expo with Stephen Parkinson

From September 20, 2019 13:30 until September 20, 2019 14:00

Wake up! The change tsunami is here!

Whether you like it or not, major change is upon us with much more heading our way. How will your business adapt? Will you ride the wave or be washed away?

Stephen is a business coach – dedicated to working with small and medium sized business.

After a successful marketing and senior management career, Stephen set up UK Business Academy to help business owners manage better, the unique demands of running a small and medium sized business.

With a focus on cash flow, sales, marketing and having effective and efficient processes. As well as working with business owners to improve their staff management, time management and organisation skills, Stephen delivers real and lasting change for a better business and a better life.

All of the Tap Talks will be held within Lancaster Brewery at the North Lancs Expo. The duration of a Tap Talk is 20 minutes plus Q&A. For your convenience booking isn’t necessary and they are free to attend.


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