Wellbeing and Mental Health during COVID-19 and Beyond

From May 12, 2021 10:00 until May 12, 2021 11:30

Lancaster & District Chamber has teamed up with Nutshell Training to deliver a free webinar focusing on wellbeing and mental health at work in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and post-pandemic recovery.

The webinar event has been designed to help employers and employees better understand behavioural patterns and coping mechanisms for mental health issues.

Topics covered will include:

1) What is mental health?
2) What defines a healthy workplace?
3) A short quiz on the impact of mental health issues in the workplace
4) Why invest in mental health?
5) Impact of Covid-19 on mental health - now and in the future
6) Effects of anxiety – physical, emotional and behavioural
7) Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace

The 90-minute session will be led by Nutshell director, Karen Haworth, a trainer and consultant supporting employers to develop a positive culture around mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace, while also helping companies and organisations to create a healthier, happier, safer working environment.

Recognising, appreciating and developing a business’ most valuable assets i.e. its employees, can help it to run more efficiently by reducing presenteeism, sickness leave, accidents and staff turnover. This in turn helps to create positive and motivated personnel and ultimately a more successful and compliant business.

If people are supported and encouraged to flourish, so too will the business.


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