Getting things done! Workshop

From November 14, 2017 09:00 until November 14, 2017 12:00

Struggling to get your good ideas off the ground?

Do you have lots of good ideas to drive your business forward but just can’t seem to get them off the ground? Perhaps you start implementing your great idea and soon find you face resistance and opposition or old ways of working keep creeping back over time?

If so you are not alone! Knowing what needs changing and how is often the easy bit. The really tricky bit is the “doing” stage; winning the hearts and minds of those that can make or break the success of those ideas and then make changes stick.

However, because it is hard shouldn’t put us off trying! Successful businesses are those that are able to adapt and respond quickly to changing customer demands, competitive pressures and new technology, as well as engage and motivate their valuable people. Success is a team effort!

At the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

• Better understand why people struggle to take on board new ideas

• To identify potential challenges and roadblocks to new ideas at the planning stage – forearmed is forewarned!

• Take action to overcome resistance and roadblocks so great ideas can flourish

Who is the workshop for?

Our workshop is for those that are struggling to transform their organisation or are new (or only have limited experience) to a leadership or management role and want some tips on how to increase the chances of successfully putting their ideas into action.

What does the workshop involve?

• Looking at what motivates and engages people at work generally

• Discussing how these motivational factors create resistance to changing the way things are done

• Using a case study example to develop skills and use techniques to help:

- Identify potential resistance at an early stage in your own organisation

- overcome resistance/roadblocks by successfully engaging other people