Aspire Session - Being Resilient

From July 16, 2019 09:00 until July 16, 2019 13:00

Being Resilient – Managing stress and keeping your inner battery topped up.

‘Take this pressure off my back.
Anymore and I may crack,
Figures pulsate in my head
Sleep’s a stranger in my bed.”

Balancing a demanding career or building your own business is a challenge and often we are more stressed than we realise. Sleepless nights, lack of concentration, difficulty when making decisions and even weight gain can be signs of stress. There are physiological reasons for this and simple and effective ways to reverse the damage.

In this workshop, we are introduced to the science behind stress and gain an understanding into the damage caused by living ‘on high alert’. Delegates will learn simple daily routines which reduce stress levels and improve resilience. Practiced regularly, these techniques will change your life.

Led by Wendy Bowers who is an accredited Heartmath practitioner in addition to being an experienced business mentor and coach. Heartmath is used by the Military, in Healthcare and in Education and increasingly in corporate and individual coaching settings across the globe.

The morning session includes a 2 course networking lunch.

All sessions are available to Chamber Members and Non-Members.  Plus, delegates booking all four sessions will receive a 10% discount.  Attendees of all four sessions will be invited to a drinks reception where they will receive an Aspire certificate.

The sessions can be booked individually.