Aspire Session - Being a great communicator

From November 19, 2019 09:00 until November 19, 2019 13:00

Being a great communicator – the key to great leadership and management.

“We should be as careful of our words – as of our actions.” Cicero

As leaders and managers, we regularly need to share information with our teams, but just how well are we communicating?

Information and Communication are words that are often used to describe the same thing, but they are very different. Information is ‘getting it out’, communication is ‘getting it through’.

In this fascinating session we will be working in groups to consider and discuss the importance of great communication and uncover the art of giving and receiving communication.

To be a great communicator, we believe there are three unbreakable rules:

Be truthful
Be considerate of your audience
Be yourself

At the end of this session you’ll believe them too.

Delivered by Wendy Bowers and Katy Mason

Katy Mason, NLP master practitioner and Executive coach whose combined training and coaching approach leads individuals to discover their own why.

Wendy Bowers, experienced board member and presenter and Amanda Jackson who, in addition to building her own successful PR business, is an Associate Lecturer in PR at Edgehill University and a Director of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.