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Chamber Chat with Sarah Murphy

Like many people, I recently watched Mr Bates vs The Post Office.  I was astounded by the dogmatism of the Post Office despite the number of cases and the indisputable horror of the allegations raged against postmasters who were of good character. 

As a solicitor and an officer of the Supreme Court, there are several aspects on this case that are abhorrent including the seeming injustice of the Post Office marking their own homework by bringing their own prosecutions without external scrutiny.  The impact upon those who were wrongly accused, prosecuted, and in some cases, incarcerated is unimaginable. 

For some it was simply too much to deal with and their loss is tragic.  Why has it taken a TV series to bring this travesty of injustice into the media and public psyche again when it has plagued people for over 20 years? 

One of the reasons is that we are all dealing with challenges in our own lives;  the ‘not enough hours in the day’ scenario, worries around money, health, children, parents, stress, loneliness; and the list goes on. 

Mr Bates vs The Post Office demonstrates that as a collective group, people have a strength that they do not possess as individuals.  Life is full of inspiring stories about small acts of kindness. 

Just this week one of my clients fell on Euston Road and he was very grateful when his cries for help were answered by two ladies who were passing by who got him back onto his feet. 

Together we are collectively stronger and as human beings we are predisposed and programmed to be social animals.  We function better when we are in a supportive environment.  Whether we get that support from friends, family, church, a charity or an organisation, or even just at work, we are stronger when we are together.  “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much (Helen Keller). 

Sarh Murphy is Head of Private Client at Brabners. Brabners are Chamber Ambassadors.