A busy year ahead - Steve Wood

January 14, 2020 - 12:00pm

A busy year ahead - Steve Wood

“Okay -  it’s mid-January but Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you have a successful year both, professionally and personally. The Chamber Chat rota means I, after President’s welcome, get the January “gig”, which is a privilege.  January is an opportunity to take a step back, breath and think about the year ahead…and I get to start the year with a welcome to everyone and a let’s go for it!

Regardless of viewpoint, we might just be entering a period calm after the impasse of the last couples of years, or at least in direction that is clearer.  This gives us and our customers the opportunity to build, grow and hopefully invest for the better of the Lancaster City Region

We also have the UK Corporate Games coming in July.  A festival of sport open to all.  Whether you are a business, a community group or an individual you need to be involved.  It’s been proven that sport has so many health benefits such as cardiovascular health, it helps manage weight, reduce blood pressure, improves strength and flexibility, lowers risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes and increasingly importantly can aid stress relief. Keep an eye out for more in the coming months

We all talk about it a lot about Eden North but it continues to stride forward with positive comments from the PM and The Chancellor proving welcome.  I work in the education sector and what Eden has done is brought education, business and communities together, I must credit Wes Johnson from LMC for his drive and desire to bring us together.

So, as I started my Chamber Chat, good luck too you all in your endeavours, this is a year to further tell the world what a great place we live and work in.”