Apprenticeship Campaign Launch

September 10, 2019 - 11:00am

Apprenticeship Campaign Launch

As you may know, the Department for Education (DfE) launched the second phase of the apprenticeships campaign “Fire It Up” on Monday 2 September.

In addition to the attached toolkit, there is also a more comprehensive online version: - please do take a look at this, it contains all the campaign material and will enable you to share and promote the campaign across your social channels and with your own networks.

The DfE would really like you to support apprenticeships, which you can do by posting social media content using the suggested posts listed below, and by tagging in @HMGNorth as well as #FireItUp so that they can support your posts.

Please used this tracked link in all Fire It Up social media posts:

Suggested messaging:

We’re proud to be supporting the #FireItUp campaign, encouraging more people to follow their passion and apply for an apprenticeship now: @HMGNorth @educationgovuk

What gets you fired up? We’re proud to be supporting the government’s new apprenticeships campaign that launches today – take a look here: #FireItUp @HMGNorth @educationgovuk

There are such a diverse range of opportunities available to apprentices of all ages. Whether you’re a school leaver or are later in your career looking to re-train or return to work – why not follow your passion? #FireItUp @HMGNorth @educationgovuk

Fancy earning a competitive salary whilst your training is all pain for? Have a look at an #apprenticeship today, and follow your passion! #FireItUp @HMGNorth @educationgovuk

Proud to be flying the flag for apprenticeships and supporting the launch of the new #FireItUp campaign, showcasing the range of opportunities available to everyone, from school leavers to re-trainers! Find out more: @HMGNorth @educationgovuk

Thousands of organisations are taking on bright #apprentices bursting with fresh ideas and skills now - have you thought about doing the same? #FireItUp @HMGNorth @educationgovuk

In addition to posting on social media the DfE would greatly appreciate if you could:

- Share case studies of your own apprentices and your apprenticeship programme on your channels. We have provided social media handles and hashtags above to help you with this. We’d also be interested in hearing about your apprentice case studies for potential PR opportunities so please do share your case studies with - the team will then be in touch if we can feature them as part of the campaign.

- Post your apprenticeship vacancies on - this is a free service and receives over half a million visitors per month. 

Please encourage your organisation and partners to do the same. Instructions for how training providers can upload vacancies are available here: - please share this email with your partners where appropriate, as this will help widen the reach of the campaign and further drive conversation.