Be cybersafe – backup your data

July 04, 2018 - 9:00am

Be cybersafe – backup your data

Having a data backup and recovery plan is important to the overall success of your business.
ALL DATA IS A TARGET. There are a variety of everyday situations including human error and hardware malfunctions which can lead to loss of data. If you ever find yourself victim to ransomware, you can potentially lose all of your files and folders.
DOWNTIME IS NOT FUN. Without your data, it will be incredibly hard for your employees to work. Imagine how hard it will be to handle clients without your data.

DATA IS INVALUABLE. If you lose data without a recovery option, you could be forced to start over with your data. Some data cannot simply be recovered, it's irreplaceable.

REPUTATION IS IMPORTANT. How would you feel trying to explain to your clients you have lost their data? How would it make you feel and how would it make your clients feel?

Multi-factor authentication...

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can mitigate against password guessing and theft, including brute force attacks. As long as passwords are used for authentication, there will always be a chance that users and administrators will choose machine-guessable passwords and be susceptible to social engineering.

Organisations should choose Cloud and Internet-connected services that offer a form of multi-factor authentication.
All users, including administrators, should use multi-factor authentication when using Cloud and Internet-connected services. This is particularly important when authenticating to services that hold sensitive or private data.
Administrators should, wherever possible, be required to use multi-factor authentication.
Organisations should consider carefully the use of services which only allow for single-factor authentication.
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