Better with Jam pips other agencies to the post with client wins

May 11, 2017 - 9:00am

Better with Jam pips other agencies to the post with client wins

Lancashire-based brand focused marketing agency, Better with Jam Ltd, is set to take the industry by storm following a plethora of new client wins.

Securing 19 contracts including Lancaster City Council, Lincrusta, Pennine Way Preserves and fellow Lancaster-based business, LPC Furniture, the agency has also been appointed to produce new creative campaigns for home furnishings specialist MJ Bird and Lancaster’s Quite Simply French.

It is anticipated that the value of the new client wins together with existing client projects will be worth in excess of £250K to the company and this success marks the start of an empowered growth objective.

Managing director Janie Ash, who has over 35 years’ industry experience, said: “We are focused on finding the right client partners where we can bring together the full power and talent of our amazing team to achieve clients’ business and marketing objectives. This makes us unique in our industry.

“The client wins, particularly those which were competitive pitches such Lancaster City Council, came as a result of a lot of hard work. We choose our clients carefully and only work with those where the synergy is right. We need to know that we can make a real difference to a client’s business, add genuine value and ultimately secure strong results.

“Rather than focusing on individual tactics, we instead undertake an in-depth analysis of a client’s products and services and use this research to inform and navigate our journey with them. This ensures we create a marketing strategy that transforms a rebrand into an experience that the customer can enjoy. After the strategy is signed off, we draw on the resources within our team to deliver an exciting creative together with robust measurement and evaluation. We ensure our clients see a strong return on their brand investment, which we measure in a tangible way so we can report back to management teams.

“We have ambitious plans for the year ahead, and will be using our experience and success from the last couple of years to catapult us even further ahead in the industry.”