April 19, 2021 - 12:00am


This security assessment is designed to help you to identify where your business may be vulnerable to crime. This relates not only to physical security measures such as perimeter fencing and locks, but also to daily routines such as visitors checking in on arrival so that staff know who should or shouldn’t be onsite.

You can print off and work through the assessment to pinpoint any potential weaknesses in your security to provide you with ideas about how you can tighten up your working practices to improve security. It’s important to remember that not all burglaries or thefts happen when businesses are closed and locked up for the night.

Additionally, there are some overarching things to consider when it comes to improving security measures:

· Some security improvements may require planning permissions or require health and safety and/or fire regulations to be met

· It may be most cost effective to incorporate improvements into planned maintenance or building work rather than doing isolated security improvements

· It is best practice to have an identified member of staff who is responsible for security, who can implement changes in working practices, tighten up security arrangements that may have lapsed over time and obtain costings for improvements that may be required or considered

· Staff should be encouraged to challenge people in or around the business who are not known, to be vigilant and report to the relevant person anything suspicious or weak points in security such as external lights that aren’t working or broken fencing

Having good security should not be a one-off or only reviewed yearly. Regular checks and simple reporting procedures are recommended to ensure your business maintains a level of security that will help to deter crime constantly. No security measures can guarantee that a crime will not occur, but you can reduce the risk of becoming a target by completing the security assessment. If you have any questions, you can contact or call 07812512997.

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