C-19 VCFSE Resilience Survey - Lancaster District

June 29, 2021 - 12:00am

C-19 VCFSE Resilience Survey - Lancaster District
Message from Yak Patel

Dear colleague,
I hope my email finds you well and I hope you have had a pleasant week so far.
I am sharing the findings off the VCFSE C-19 Resilience Survey with you. It may feel like some time that we shared the open survey but after a good month of pulling this report together, we are pleased to be sharing the findings with you.
The survey was open for responses between 5 March and 31 March 2021. The survey was sent to 150 leaders within charities, social enterprises, community, faith and voluntary groups across the Lancaster District to gain a stronger understanding of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on: 
• Sector viability in the light of changing income and expenditure 
• Pressures on organisations, communities and changes in volunteering 
• The third sector’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and create positive experiences. 
This second survey has helped us to further understand how our colleagues responded to the pandemic and how they supported communities across the district. The results of this survey will also help us to understand how we can best support you going forward and we are making further preparations to provide the best possible help to the sector and communities across the district.
I hope you find this report insightful. We would like to thank all the organisations that took the time to respond to this survey, giving us a representative picture of the situation in our district as a result of Covid-19. We also want to thank our colleagues from Lancaster City Council, Bay Health & Partners, Funders and others who promoted the survey and encouraged organisations to respond.

These findings of this survey are being shared with our partners including local authorities, health structures, LEPs, education and Lancashire VCFSE alliance to discuss the needs of the sector and how we work together to help communities during this time and into the future. 

Thank you for help and support once again. Your participation has helped to further understand the picture across Lancaster District.

Kind regards


Yakub Patel
Chief Executive Officer
Lancaster District Community and Voluntary Solutions

Download the report here