Chamber Chat - The Chamber at your service

October 29, 2019 - 12:00pm

Chamber Chat - The Chamber at your service

With key developments likely to be going ahead in North Lancashire over the next few years its never been a better time for business owners/managers to review their future planning and strategy.

With large developments like Eden, Veolia, Garden Village, and Canal Quarter on the horizon, opportunities are starting to be come apparent for local businesses; however those businesses need to be prepared now in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities as they come up.

Do you have the right skills in place? Have you Tendered for work before? Do you know the process and how to apply?

There are several Procurement and supply chain portals you can register yourself on but in order to win that work you need a good application with the relevant accreditations/certifications, these can also be a great marketing tool for the business so worth looking into and should be seen as an investment in the company.

Do you have the right policies?

In order to bid for jobs and contracts through the major development companies or local authority you will need up to date policies and with the Eden project especially you will need up to date and ongoing environmental policies, evidence of community engagement as well as a good handle on your supply chain with a local focus were possible.

There are some funding & support projects open to Lancashire businesses that can help support this, and the Chamber is here to make sure you have all the help you need for assured success - in whatever direction you lead your business.

We offer a range of assistance that can help companies at every stage of their development, from getting started to expand their existing business activities.

We are here for you, for business...every step of the way.