Chamber Chat by Patrick Hunt

September 23, 2020 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat by Patrick Hunt

Collecting track and trace data as a business

Whilst coronavirus is still very much a threat, it’s vital to be able to trace customers, contractors and staff if someone who has visited your business gets in touch to say they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Of course, collecting personal data falls into the realms of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, so it’s essential that you collect, store and destroy data in the correct way.

Under data protection regulations, you should only collect the minimum amount of data that you need to be able to contact the visitor in the event of potential COVID-19 exposure. For your tracking and tracing system, this will likely be the name, contact phone number and email address, as you should be able to get in touch easily with this information.

When you are collecting data from a visitor, it is important to explain to them why you are collecting their data, what you will use it for and how you will dispose of it once you no longer need it.

As well as restricting the amount of data that you collect, data protection regulations also restricts how long you should keep the data for. Even though the incubation period of the virus is 14 days, the government recommends allowing further time for a COVID-19 case to develop to help the NHS Track and Trace effort. Therefore, the government’s recommended amount of time to keep track and trace data is 21 days, after this period your visitor data should be securely deleted.

In addition, correctly storing the data that you collect from visitors is vital in making sure that you are not in breach of personal data protection regulations.

GDPR doesn’t only affect how data is stored; it also restricts who can access the data. Under GDPR guidelines, only people who need to see the data should be allowed to access the data, so limit the number of people who have access to any track and trace data that you collect.


Patrick Hunt is the Development Executive at Premierline Business Insurance Broker. Premierline are also Chamber Ambassador members.