Chamber Chat by Richard Bradfield

October 03, 2019 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat by Richard Bradfield

Chamber Chat by Richard Bradfield, Station Director Heysham 1

This morning as Lancaster Guardian readers are digesting this week’s news, the team from Heysham power stations are spending the morning chatting with pupils at Lancaster Girls Grammar School about all we do on-site.

We were delighted to be able to take our regular Local Community Liaison Committee meeting away from the stations’, something we try and do each autumn.
It is the perfect chance for us to find out what a key part of the community thinks about what we do and how we can do it even better.

Last week we were also at the excellent North Lancs Expo when we met lots of local businesses and their teams many of whom support the work we do at Heysham in helping to supply low carbon electricity for around four million homes.

We are very aware that we rely on the community, whether that’s working with about 40 or so local businesses or our schools developing the next generation of engineers.
But we do contribute to the area as well with jobs and investment. Many of the 1500 people employed on-site are also key members of local groups and organisations.

We have been part of this community since 1970 and we plan on being here for years to come, and as part of this planning for the future, we are exploring new and exciting projects.

This year we, along with Lancaster University, have been looking at building a hydrogen plant at the site to take advantage of the low carbon electricity we produce and our team’s excellent engineering skills.

The hydrogen project could be a real boost to the area’s on-going commitment to decarbonising the economy both locally and nationally.
Keep an eye on your local paper for updates on this project.