Chamber Chat – John O’Neill

May 31, 2018 - 8:00am

Chamber Chat – John O’Neill

The wheels turn quickly and the seasons are gone before we are almost aware they are upon us.

The same goes for the North Lancs Expo. It only seems last week that we closed the doors on the inaugural North Lancs Expo, and now we have just finished our first planning meeting, sitting in the glorious sunshine at the Lancaster Brewery, planning the next one in September.

Last year we decided to break the normal Expo mould by running a two-day event designed for both the community and businesses alike. We know that the young are both the architects and builders of our future and that’s why we need to engage with them every step of the way. By the time a child leaves school it is often to late to help them decide their future career path. One where they will gain the maximum satisfaction and quality of life as a big salary is not the be all, and end all, of things.

There are a few initiatives out there in the community to engage with schools and the children at an early age, including having business ambassadors linked to each school. This is a scheme that has been rolled out across Lancashire by Inspira, an innovative social enterprise. By introducing the young to our wide, varied and innovative businesses in North Lancashire we are playing our small part in their development. By opening the North Lancs Expo to the community on the Sunday this is a great chance for the kids to talk to a wide variety of companies in one place.

So, put Sunday 23rd September in your diary and join us at the Lancaster Brewery from 10 am. Entrance is free to visitors. Of course, if you want to exhibit please contact us. We have allocated over 50% of the spaces available but, if last year is any indication, they will go pretty quickly.