Chamber Chat - John Pike, GVS

December 05, 2018 - 10:00am

Chamber Chat - John Pike, GVS

The Restorative Properties of Gin

In these times of gloom, doom and political turmoil, I thought I would base my Chamber Chat on something lighter hearted (or headed); the restorative properties of gin.

People automatically assume that gin is a British creation, particularly as many are branded as London Dry Gin but its origins actually lie in Holland as the liquor Jenever.

I was introduced to this national favorite of the Dutch when going for afterwork drinks with colleagues in Eindhoven. This was back in the 1990’s when I worked for DAF and spent many hours developing new vehicle paints and processes in the chemical laboratories that were based at the DAF headquarters.  There was nothing better to clear one’s head after a day inhaling paint solvent than a couple of stiff shots of Jenever!

There was a time here when a G&T was automatically the classic green bottle of Gordons gin with Schweppes tonic and a slice of lemon or if you were feeling really adventurous, you may have opted for a Beefeater with Britvic.

So then comes my truly first world problem. Today, we have hundreds of different gins available and a rapidly expanding range of tonics and other mixers which, as they make up 90% of the volume of the drink, are more important than the gin (really!!!!) and don’t even start on the garnish combinations.  There are 500 different gins being distilled in the UK today so a lot to go at even if we ignore the mixers and garnishes.  The demands of work are such that experiencing all of these delights is strictly a weekend activity so I am looking at a 20 year plan to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything………….. or maybe, there is a lot to be said for a Gordons with Schweppes. 

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