Chamber Chat - Lancaster City Council going foward

August 20, 2019 - 12:00pm

Chamber Chat - Lancaster City Council going foward

A lot has changed at Lancaster City Council since we last wrote. A new council means new priorities and new ways of working – all intended to support our district in being a great place to live, work and visit.

Like many other councils, we have declared a climate emergency: our goal is for council operations to be net carbon zero by 2030, while also supporting the district's residents, organisations and enterprises in achieving the same. This focus on meeting the climate emergency is central to everything we do.

We are also rethinking the role we play in the local economy and are adopting the principles of community wealth-building: fair employment and just labour markets; progressive procurement of goods and services; supporting  plus ownership of the economy; and using our land, property, investments and procurements to benefit our communities.

We do not want to simply accept the economy that the market wants to give us: we want our residents, businesses and organisations to thrive. We want residents and incoming workers to have the opportunity to develop - and redevelop - their skills both in new industries and across all aspects of their lives, and we are taking practical steps to develop a local economy that has sustainability and social justice at its heart.

In everything that we do, we recognise that we will do a better job and have a greater impact if we work with others. To do this, we need to recognise the strengths and talents of the people who live and work in our district. We also need to find ways of working with the myriad of associations, charities, social enterprises and businesses that operate across the district, from digital start-up and family farm to well-established festivals and thriving SMEs, as well as large institutions and branches of national and international charities and companies.