Chamber Chat - Sandra Cottam-Shea

January 12, 2018 - 9:00am

Chamber Chat - Sandra Cottam-Shea

Here we are, the beginning of another New Year, full of Christmas food and resolutions. Whether our resolutions are to lose weight, give up smoking, be a better person, write a journal or climb Kilimanjaro the chances are we will fail. 80% of us will have fallen off the wagon by the second week in February, not great statistics.

Experts believe that we do this because our viewing is fixed on the goal, the end result rather than changing our daily habits. We are advised that building a better daily ritual turns our behaviour into habits.

This can also transfer into our working life where the outcome is paramount to the entities success and the responsible personnel are fixated on the set goal. Perhaps what we could be aware of is the difference between fixated and focused.

Focusing means discipline and passion, enjoying the journey that takes you to your desired goal. Fixated even sounds hard! Rigid, obsessive, ungiving. Is this what we do to ourselves with our New Year’s resolutions and work ethics? ‘Fixing our sights to the trimmer body of ourselves and our businesses.

Changing our rituals, thought processes and actions by 1% per day has a brighter outcome. We are what we are, we do what we do so making ourselves and our businesses radically change overnight will inevitably end in disappointment and another reason to beat ourselves up.

Have a vision, focus on it and gently shape the outcome. We all know that the journey is the fun part and that the routes of our journeys change and meander which they can’t if they are fixed.

If we only have one successful resolution, then I hope it is being kind. Being kind to ourselves, others and the world. This action of kindness will only bring positive changes to ourselves and our world and the 1% of daily changes will become our norm.

Happy New Year!