Chamber Chat – Sandra Cottam-Shea

June 14, 2018 - 9:00am

Chamber Chat –  Sandra Cottam-Shea

One hundred years since the end of the First World War, the war to end all wars. The local area has embraced the year and properties are resplendent with big red poppies. The promenade has poppies fixed to the lamp posts inscribed with the names of the fallen.

The irony is that the war to end all wars has a number one attached to it, indicating, as history knows, that others followed.

What have we learned, what have we changed? With cynical eyes the only thing that has changed is the development of fighting methods and the industrial production of arms.

With any remembrance event there is only a value if reflection changes attitudes and actions. Pointing the finger at current governments, terrorist cells and despots in positions of authority only keeps us in blame and victim status. After all, collectively as a world population we have received the governments of choice. Our individual choices may differ but as an enmeshed energy we have created this momentum.

Tolerance, love, empathy, kindness and forgiveness are not signs of weakness but rather strength. The only way we can change our world is from the ground up, the coal face, ourselves. There is power in a combined positive energy, after all, we are our thoughts.

The only thing that creates conflict is a bruised ego, a perceived personal slight. Next time someone cuts you off in traffic or puts the phone down on you maybe a thought of this is not personal, they may have had dreadful news or an inconceivable disappointment. Let it go.

So, when we look at the poppies and the names of the fallen perhaps we could try to reflect on our actions and thoughts that drive the world we occupy. Help create a world worth living in.

Sandra is the Managing Director and Owner of SCS Logistics Limited based in Morecambe. She is passionate about logistics and haulage and its relevance in the country’s economy. Their ethos has always been continued investment, continued improvement.

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