Chamber Chat – Susan Parsonage

February 27, 2019 - 12:00pm

Chamber Chat –  Susan Parsonage

Looking forward

Ahead of my upcoming move to Wokingham in March, it’s been fantastic to consider all the exciting recent developments in this brilliant place.

It was great to meet with our Eden North Project partners recently and hear about the next steps. Detailed site plans will be produced, with the full support of stakeholders and local people who want to help make the project an immense success. An example being Lancaster & Morecambe College, who are seizing the opportunity to help improve the futures of local young people.

The recent launch of the Lancaster Story to promote the district based on a narrative of ‘city, hub, and heartland,’ is a really exciting step, led by local businesses and partners such as Lancaster University, and with the support of Lancaster City Council. At the core, is collaborative working to promote the district far and wide. You may also have seen signs around the city reflecting recent progress on the Canal Quarter development; we will also be working alongside the developer to create great outcomes for the area.

Intertwined with the progress of the big projects and future opportunities are established   relationships, e.g., with Lancaster CVS and the community groups that help maintain and develop our parks.

Our many trusted relationships cut across organisations and boundaries where people want to make a difference, and Lancaster City Council will continue to be an enabler and creator of progress for the area.  

There are so many people I’d like to thank for making my time here so special: great staff, committed councillors and a whole host of partners dedicated to investing in the area. I’ll certainly be back to visit one of the many festivals and will watch closely as Eden unfolds on the national and international stage. Thank you all so much.

Susan Parsonage is currently Chief Executive of Lancaster City Council