Chamber Chat – Susan Rutherford

February 19, 2019 - 10:00am

Chamber Chat –  Susan Rutherford

As I walked up Castle Hill last week early in the wonderful sunshine, I approached Lancaster Castle as I always do with a sense of awe at the majesty of our great heritage. On this particular day I found myself taking in the beauty of the immense carpet of brightly coloured crocuses which arrive each year and herald the spring that stopped me momentarily in my tracks.  

 As I stood to take in this wonderful view on the Castle ramparts I saw 2 people walking carrying a very large red heart with great purpose and down below my eye was drawn to the City Council gardeners working with a real sense of pride and much diligence on the slopes removing the debris of last year and helping to bring the borders into stunning life. Alongside them I also saw the accomplished landscape designer David Redmore the creator of the planting vision advising the gardeners and continuing to explain his vision all for the love of creating breath taking designs and supporting our special environment. 

I just know that such work draws people from all walks of life all year to enjoy, take pictures and marvel at the beauty of place.

I was in that moment witnessing a collaboration of skills and what an impact this partnership has, and the outcome generates enormous benefit for our community.

All over our region we have the greatest of assets natural beauty and heritage and this is to be celebrated in our City, Hub and Heartland. I want to pay tribute to the work of all the gardeners and grounds people and cleaning operatives who work so hard to enhance our environment and make our place an outstanding place to live and work. I also want to recognise all the volunteers who through their philanthropic actions and skills ‎ help make our region a   very significant, diverse and creative place. 

So, in describing this one example it is representative of a spirit and ethos that is replicated many times all around our district and that is why I feel very privileged to be able to contribute and be part of our wonderful region.

Susan Rutherford is Practice Manager at Holdens Law, a director of Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce, and Chair of Lancaster BID

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