Chamber Chat with Mark Lees and Martin Cheetham

December 07, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Mark Lees and Martin Cheetham

As the festive season nears, staff at the power station are making lists – not linked to the size of Christmas presents but who will be present on the big day to make sure the rest of us can enjoy a family dinner together.

For the past 40 years or so the team here have said good bye to family on Christmas morning to head into Heysham power stations to ensure ovens work and lights can twinkle.

They are professional and dedicated and despite the obvious distractions will ensure the site is doing its bit to provide the UK with the electricity it needs.

And that has been a theme over the last two years, as despite the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions on how we live our lives, staff at Heysham power stations have been on site – providing electricity at a time of national crisis.

They had to adapt to new ways of working, such as wearing masks – but the stations kept working so other key workers in the health service and beyond could do their own vital jobs.

There was a genuine sense of pride on site that we could do our bit in supporting the UK as we all worked through the challenges of the pandemic.

And as Christmas rolls round the teams here are also directly supporting people locally, with the annual festive jumper day among other fund raisers collecting cash for those who are homeless, the hospice and the foodbanks.

Many of the staff, like many in our generous community, will also be supporting their own smaller charities.

We are looking forward to 2022, and a return to some normality, but as you raise a glass on New Year’s Eve maybe spare thought for all those across the UK who are working hard while you are at home.


Mark Lees
Mark Lees, Station Director Heysham 2

Martin Cheetham

Martin Cheetham, Station Director Heysham 1