Chamber Chat with Aaron Crewe

July 14, 2016 - 1:33pm

Chamber Chat with Aaron Crewe

Our campuses and accommodation throughout the city are packed with young, talented individuals looking for employment.

For some, their final round of results has just been revealed and they face the question of what to do next; others will be returning after summer for another year or longer – and every year, new students arrive.

Almost all the students in and around Lancaster and Morecambe will be looking for work experience for their CVs, or for a job to answer the question ‘what now?’ when they graduate. They have skills to offer and have just spent time proving they’re willing to work hard for a reward.

Often students can be overlooked as a resource for anything but the most casual of work at an entry-level – however, the students living nearby can be the answer to a pressing question for businesses needing skilled staff.
Many local businesses have sought partnerships with departments at our 2 Universities to offer students real-world experience.
Their enthusiasm, willingness to learn and adapt, and drive to make everything flow perfectly can often inspire and encourage the rest of the team, and they can bring the latest teaching in the field to bear to help develop and streamline processes.

Many graduates leave, taking their hard-won skills and experience with them – because we as a city don’t do enough to encourage them to stay.
With more students staying on in the local area, we don’t just strengthen the individual companies for which they work; we help strengthen the local economy as a whole as this can increase spending here also.
Within my company, the employee roster isn’t exclusively former students at Lancaster or the University of Cumbria, but I do work closely every day with a number of people who came to the city as students and never left because they saw a reason to stay.

I’m sure my story isn’t unique; a number of people reading this may have one or two employees they rely upon who came to study, graduated, and chose to stay.

Partnerships with the universities are a great way to find keen workers and begin the process of encouraging them, not simply to stay in the local economy, but to look at you as a likely employer when you graduate.
By investing in students as a long-term part of your plans, you can invest in your business and our city.