Chamber Chat with Brendan Hughes of ICU Security NW Ltd

October 14, 2016 - 11:00am

Chamber Chat with Brendan Hughes of ICU Security NW Ltd

Amongst other things I am the owner of ICU Security based in Morecambe. With the cutting of policing budgets and the perception that police are less visible, I have seen a sharp increase in demand for private security.

This of course is good news for me and the industry in general, unfortunately it comes with a down side. I am finding that the industry cannot keep up with the recruitment demands and most companies worth their salt are having to constantly recruit to keep up with demand. This in turn is pushing up the wage offered to the new recruits. The security industry is no longer an unskilled easy option, I am pleased to say with the increased national training standard, the industry is slowly becoming a job in which people can find a trade and a job for life.

I know locally there are many industries in the same boat and struggle to find quality, qualified staff.  I feel there is more that can be done and businesses from all industries must work together on this. We need to show the Lancaster district as a place that people can come and settle with great opportunities.  We live in a great, unique area that has a lot to offer, from the views of The Bay to the hustle and bustle of Lancaster town centre. We have a nationally recognised top 10 university and a relatively low crime rate. .

With the canal corridor moving forward, the Heysham bypass giving easier access to the motorway and increased demand at Heysham Port, the area is looking at coming into a mini boom. The businesses, the council and the residents need to unite and shout from the rooftops.

Lancaster District is on the up and here to stay.