Chamber Chat with Imogen Brettell

July 12, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Imogen Brettell

As our employees return to the office, my mind is drawn to our new office in Dalton Square. The building has been stripped out and we are now at the stage of finalising plans for its refurbishment. It all feels so exciting now things are finally happening. One of the most important things to me as Chief People Officer is creating a great place for people to come to work; I want our employees to love their work environment and have access to all the facilities they need to achieve their full potential.

The pandemic has affected different industries disproportionately, but it is clear that the recovery has officially commenced. By developing Charter House we are hoping to not only retain existing employees but significantly grow our team as we seek to maximise our recovery. There is no doubt that the advances in collaborative technology has made working remotely easier for individuals, but I still believe that there is no substitute for being in the office. Not just for the cross pollination of ideas, the incidental collaboration or noticing when an employee needs support, but the number of times I hear laughter throughout the day, which in turn makes me smile, is priceless.

We have begun recruiting, but I find a clear lack of applicants; gone are the days when you sought out and applied for the jobs you really wanted. This generation now seem to submit their CV to a ‘job board’ and wait to be found. I have been thankful for my Chamber contacts and wider Lancashire network for helping to promote our current vacancies. I hope that the new office and continued investment will enable us to attract and retain the amazing talent that I’m sure the North has in abundance.

Imogen Btrettell is Chief People Officer at Silver Door Apartments. Imogen is a director of the Chamber and Silver Door are also Chamber Ambassadors.