Chamber Chat with Jody West

August 09, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Jody West

Our human needs and networking

As we re-enter the world of “in person” networking, I’ve had conversations recently with people feeling they need to “re-learn” how to behave and communicate face to face after months of connecting remotely over platforms like zoom.

What impacts our behaviour whilst networking?

Tony Robbins believes there are 6 basic human needs. These can help explain why networking comes naturally to some and can be other peoples’ worst nightmare!

If certainty is your primary driver you need to feel safe. You want to be sure new connections are stable and hold the same values as you. This determines who you feel comfortable getting to know or doing business with.

Uncertainty means you thrive on new experiences. Meeting people doesn’t phase you, networking feels exciting. The opportunity to learn about new ideas and make new connections sees you engaged in many conversations.

Significance – we all crave validation. Feeling needed and ultimately, in the world of business, being able to offer a product or service that makes a difference and being recognised for it can help boost those happy hormones.

Connections – we’re social creatures, needing to feel connected is part of our DNA. There are various ways to seek connection; through friendship, relationships, sports. In the business world this can be achieved through networking and joining organisations representing the local business community.

Growth and Contribution – Tony Robbins states “if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying” and “the secret to living is giving”. Networking fulfils both of these. New connections and conversations can help fuel the growth of your business and offering contribution to fellow business owners through advice and experience can help others prosper.

As individuals we rank these with differing significance, they impact us and our behaviour when networking.

How are you feeling about attending in person networking? Do you recognise which needs above you prioritise? As we meet people face to face it can be useful to be aware of how we differ in our needs and behaviours to get the most out of each connection we make and conversations we hold.