Chamber Chat with Kim Brown

October 17, 2019 - 9:21am

Chamber Chat with Kim Brown

When thinking about a subject for my first Chamber Chat, I reflected on the previous weekend away in Manchester.

Whilst going around the city, I remember commenting that each member of staff we encountered were fantastic. All had an ability to listen, advise on our choices, and nothing was too much trouble. They were there for yes, their knowledge, but also their passion for customer service.

Our eldest has embarked on his A Level journey and part of the reason he chose the school was the ‘enrichment’ element. We attended a presentation and heard the teachers talk about the importance of adding different layers to their CV’s. Speaking from experience, and talking to directors, they all said that when they recruit, attitude and personality are AS important , sometimes more so, as the qualification or practical knowledge. Do they play team sports? Are they involved with any groups or hobbies? Do they have the ability to listen and look at things from the customer point of view? Is there enthusiasm, drive, great attitude? I was assured at the presentation that these elements are all part of enrichment.

We try to instil these values in our children and I often say (whilst they roll their eyes!) that qualifications have value, but if you can’t communicate, super serve or be customer focused (whether your ‘customer’ is a team member, boss or paying client), things might be more difficult. I believe outstanding customer service is the life blood of any business, and that learning to deliver it starts way before the working life begins.

Our future apprentices and employees must learn the importance of being ‘world ready’. As for me, I might not recall the name of my cocktail on Saturday night, but I remember the barman Emma and yes, I’ll be back!

Kim Brown

Sales and Marketing Manager


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