Chamber Chat with Kim Brown

December 14, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Kim Brown

Isn’t email brilliant? It’s cheap, fast, keeps us connected, helps us be responsive and keeps a record of events when needed. The majority of us have indeed relied on it more than ever these past few years and I have no doubt that it has meant the difference between survival or closure for some businesses.

Recently I’ve been in the process of selling a property and all communications between the Estate Agents and Solicitors are done via email. I was made aware that there was a huge back log at the Land Registry and that important documents would take a while to come through.

These documents were the hold up to the sale proceeding and obviously, with an empty property, costs for us maintaining it continued. I contacted all parties to keep them updated and kept checking with solicitors if the documents had been received. Five months later, I was told still nothing had come through and that it was being chased and followed up continuously. At risk of losing my buyer I made the decision to call the Land Registry myself to see if there was anything I could do to push things forward.

One phone call got me straight through to a lovely woman who told me that the documents had been received, amended, and sent through to the relevant parties ten weeks prior! Ten weeks! Now, this isn’t about any profession or to call anyone out believe me, but it highlighted that our reliance on email can sometimes make us forget that actually picking up the phone and speaking to someone is still the most effective form of communication.

I’m as guilty as anyone of using email as a ‘tick box’ exercise sometimes, assuring myself that the ball is in the recipient’s court and that if I don’t get a reply they’re not interested in whatever it is I’m contacting them for. Not any more. There’s going to be a lot less ‘assuming’ and a lot more talking!

Kim Brown is Sales and Marketing Manager at Bowker IT. Bowkers are Chamber Ambassadors.