Chamber Chat with Lorna Stellakis

June 07, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Lorna Stellakis

The new dilemma for Leaders

“Will your team work remotely long term, or will you bring them back into the office”?

This is a decision I’m clear on as the team at Q2Q are simply “better” when they are together, and whilst there are obvious practical benefits of us all being physically present, there was an element that I just couldn’t put my finger on until listening to a podcast this morning.

It was a conversation between Steven Bartlett, Founder of Social Chain, and Johann Hari, author of Lost Connections. Part of the discussion was around the “unintended consequences of the internet”, one of which is the loss of real connection.

There have been so many great inventions to replace good old-fashioned community, if you have lost friends, there’s Facebook, lost status in the economy, just update Instagram, lost business connections, update LinkedIn... the list goes on. But when it comes to things like Zoom meetings, apparently, we only pick up 10% of the true experience through the screen. This has been invaluable through lockdown however I believe the Q2Q team dynamic survived lockdown so well because they were already closely connected.

Back in the office now they’re bouncing off each other, rekindling the connection, the banter, looking out for each other, sharing ideas and solutions etc. And it’s easier to notice if they need additional support, something that’s been challenging for me over zoom!

I’ve heard several instances where people want to leave their current job after being told that remote working is now mandatory, and I have paraphrased a section that resonated the most with me from the podcast, it may help if you’re on the fence with remote vs office working…

“Successful companies offer community as much as work. The friends you make, the experiences you have, the challenges you face together, this is what makes a team, summed up as a worthwhile strive for a challenge with a group of people you love being with”.

Whilst there are a ton of benefits to remote working, at Q2Q we’re a family, and we thrive on our sense of community, so we will be flexible on location when required, but our strength definitely comes from being physically together.

So Q2Q are back in the office, hopefully to stay!