Chamber Chat with Martin Cheetham, EDF Heysham 1

March 29, 2022 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Martin Cheetham, EDF Heysham 1

Sitting in the recent Chamber Ambassador meeting at The Midland I was struck by the energy and enthusiasm this particular group of people have for this area its history and more importantly its future.

The Chamber do an excellent job in bringing together leaders from business and education to share ideas and innovation as they all pull together to deliver a bright future for this area.

It was interesting to hear that the Chamber celebrates its 125th birthday this year, and I know from talking to other business leaders that the Chamber has been revitalised over recent years and is now a key player in promoting all manner of projects.

One key Chamber event, that EDF has been proud to be part of, is also making a welcome return – EXPO, which will be hosted by Lancaster and Morecambe College.

At EDF we are proud to be an ambassador and to play and active part of the wider Chamber community. This ‘community’ wants to secure projects like Eden for the area, and also support key members like Lancaster and Morecambe College and Lancaster University.

And it was fascinating to hear of the many innovative long-term projects which will be landing in our area in the next few years, which will make this an even better place to invest, live and work.

EDF too is looking at what the future look like at the power stations as we plan to take the fuel off the site once we have stopped making electricity, and looking even further forward as we head to decommissioning.

The government seems to be signalling that it wants a range of nuclear technologies to provide long-term security of supply for the UK, so we’ll be watching how that develops.

Martin Cheetham is Station Director Heysham 1 power station. EDF aere Chamber Ambassadors.