Chamber Chat with Mike Marczynski

September 16, 2020 - 12:00pm

Chamber Chat with Mike Marczynski

2020 - a year of challenges

Well we thought that we’d be getting back to a sort of normal after Covid had retreated but here we are again with restrictions coming back to bring us into check.

From a business perspective, we, as probably a lot of you, are still primarily working from home, but luckily we’ve been able to keep despatch and warehousing going more or less normally in view of having the space to work safely apart.

The difficult part of course was the fact that a lot of our clients closed up shop, both here and abroad, as they too had to react to the pandemic. As time has moved on, and places have reopened, we’ve seen a return to better trading times, and a return of that essential part of any business, profit.

We plough on, and hope that the next pitfall of Brexit, comes to some reasonable solution and conclusion as time is tight. Every business has to have flexibility built into it, but the first challenge, Covid, tested that to the extreme, so we really hope that the Brexit challenge will resolve itself quickly and sensibly.

Of course we’ve already had to build in moving stock into Europe, pre the first deadline, so that if ports or airports were closed to Europe we’d at least have buffer stock on the ground that could be despatched whilst the politicians sorted out the mess. Around 40% of our business is there.

The net result is that some manufacture has been moved to within the EC, so that beyond the end of the year we can supply directly. Not good for GB PLC but we supply internationally, so we have to adjust to the times, we have to aim to survive and thrive. Only this last week a large trailer manufacturer in Cheshire has gone into administration with the loss of 700 jobs, and a credit limit of £2.25M to zero overnight.

Worrying times, but we always are and stay optimistic for the future. It’s the only way to be, as the alternative is unthinkable.

Stay positive, that’s the motto!