Chamber Chat with Mike Marczynski

April 12, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Mike Marczynski

At the time of my writing this Chamber Chat, we are 1 day away from the Glorious 12th! No, not the August one, this is the 12th of April, when a lot of restrictions due to Covid are lifted and we’re all one step nearer to normality.

For an awful lot of businesses, Chamber Members included, this will be the signal to open the doors and start trading again. As a milestone, we can now go and get a legal haircut! Gone will be the ‘Tomasz Schafernaker’ flowing locks, or in my case, the aged rocker look....

Lots of businesses, mine included, have been lucky to keep on trading throughout, following all the new rules, with most staff working remotely to keep the wheels turning. It’s been a really difficult time of course relating to exports, and getting past the new trading reality post-Brexit. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix, and businesses obviously have been hit very hard trying to cope with the double whammy.

There’ll come a time when we all will look back at this period, and wonder how we made it through, personally and in a business capacity. The time for reflection is perhaps not far away, but for now it’s plough on, keeping one’s spirits up, and keep going, despite all the problems. Thank God I’ve always been and remain an optimist. There’s no other route out of this.