Chamber Chat with Sandra Cottam-Shea

November 17, 2016 - 1:00pm

Chamber Chat with Sandra Cottam-Shea

Aren’t we human beings funny old things? Real doom and gloom merchants if we let ourselves get caught up in the ‘mood’.

Brexit, falling pound and now Trump, whatever the individuals political leaning we all get swept up in the ‘mood’ that the media fire out at us in their many mediums of delivery.

So how about we, in our little Northern enclave, just stop for a moment and give ourselves a pat on the back. Look at what the last twelve months has thrown at us and how resilient we are.

Storm Desmond really took its toll on us, the Bay and parts of the North. We gritted our teeth, pulled together and got on with rebuilding. Brexit was largely met with a roll of the eyes and a ‘we were fine before the EU and we’ll be fine after’. The entire world was in a state of mither and what were we concerned about? Our new road. How resilient, dogged and tenacious are we.

I know, I know, not more about the road! But it’s not really about the road, it’s about how tough we are as a community, how determined and proud. It might have taken a long time but we got there in the end.

So let’s look at ourselves in our little Northern enclave, give ourselves another pat on the back and a smile for our neighbours. If we have pride in our new road and all the possibilities that it can bring to us we can make positive changes for our sustainable future.

There’s nowt as queer as folk but we may as well be happy folk, as the future can be great if we go for it. Carpe Diem lads and lasses, Carpe Diem.