Chamber Chat with Sandra Cottam-Shea

June 24, 2020 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Sandra Cottam-Shea

We seem to be seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Guernsey was the first in the British Isles to be declared Covid free and now the Isle of Man are almost back to normal as the only remaining restriction appears to be crowd numbers.

The infection rate in the UK continues to drop and more businesses are opening their doors and home workers returning to the workplace.
We have and are still living through unprecedented times personally and commercially and bouncing back from this is unchartered waters.

This is where the Chamber of Commerce is invaluable to the respective local community. Our local Chamber is being carefully managed from home working and isolated attendance into the office, but it is still running and there to help you and your business.

Advice, guidance, and support through these tough times can be accessed by a phone call or email and your queries answered or directed on to the relevant authority, support group or source of knowledge.

The legal system can still be accessed along with health & safety advice which is especially relevant in informing us how to open within government guidelines. It is imperative that we get this return to work right. A second spike would be hard to stomach in all aspects of life, emotionally, socially, and financially.

Getting this right can and will affect the country as local and central government are stretched through their resources and their coffers. Getting this right will mean that the next sectors so desperately missed in our community can re-open in due course. Oh, to go to the hairdressers and then out for dinner! Getting this right means that more of us stay well and safe.

The Chamber understands that some businesses have no spare cash and are counting every penny. Don’t let that stop you making contact or asking for help. The Chamber needs membership fees for its very existence but we know that there is a code of honour, especially in this current climate and you won’t be turned away.

We need businesses to flourish in this area, businesses need assistance and signposting to the right place. We need to look after each other and what goes around comes around so when you are back on your feet come and enjoy the benefits of a full membership with the Chamber. It’s money well spent.